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How to Stack Rings like a Pro

You be you, boo! But, to learn some basic rules about stacking rings, check out the guidelines below.

1. Stack rings by metal color.

Remember when it was a fashion “faux pas” to wear the color white after Labor Day? Well, lucky for us rule-breakers, that “rule” no longer applies today and neither does mixing metal colors together. Today, you can mix gold, rose gold and silver together. I know, I know - it’s your stacking rings dream come true! 

Try stacking a rose gold, yellow gold and white gold thin band together on one hand. The trick here is to have continuity, so make sure you have a middle piece that makes the transition. For example, you could wear a silver ring at the base, then a ring containing rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. On top of that, wear a yellow gold ring. The middle piece is the “anchor” and has the purpose to tie your jewelry together. 

2. Stack by style.

Stacking your rings doesn’t mean that you can combine any piece together. The goal is to achieve symmetry. If you have an antique ring, keep the rest of the rings simple. If you want to be edgy, you could stack geometric rings together. For example, a circle, square and a rectangle ring would work. For an elegant and romantic style, you can wear an art deco ring together with two simple bands of the same metal. If you want to wear a chunky piece, make sure that the other two rings are simple and not statement ones.

3. Follow the rule of 3's (or odds).

Think of stacking rings like designing anything - a house, a cake, a vase of flowers.  The rule of 3's (or odds) definitely applies here also. People tend to find groups of anything in odd numbers more aesthetically satisfying to the eye.  The same goes for your rings. It is best to stack in odd numbers. 

4. Stacking gemstones.

If you want to stack rings with color, create a color theme. We love to stack our thin birthstone rings together because the stones are so petite. But if the gemstones are bigger, it could look overwhelming or the colors could clash. 

It is also important to consider the setting on the ring. Solitaire, cathedral or bezel settings don’t look so great with other rings that have the same or similar settings. Usually, a ring that has a centerpiece looks good with rings that feature gemstones in paving or channel settings.

5. Show a little skin.

As with mismatched earrings, this trend of stacked rings is not about matching them perfectly. Sure, they have to have a common element, but you don’t need to have a finger full of metal. Instead, try to leave some space between your rings so that you can see a little bit of skin. You can achieve that by wearing different style rings, such as a simple band with another ring of a wavy design. Midi rings (rings you wear in the upper to mid-portion of your finger) also create space between your other rings and lengthen the look of your fingers. Win-win in my book.

6. Don’t neglect your nails!

Maybe it’s because I’m always using my hands making jewelry or out of pure laziness, but I was never a nail polish kind of girl. That is, until I was featured on the news making jewelry and they zoomed in on my broken nails. Oh, the horror! Since then, I’m making more of an effort to paint my nails or at least keep them filed. When in doubt, choose neutral nail colors and wear them short or medium-length, so as not to distract from your bling. Most importantly, have fun with stacking! It gives us gals a chance to wear more jewelry all at once and show everyone what our individual style is.

XO Abrau | A Blog by Danielle Nicole Enright | Owner & Designer






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