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Small Town Business Makes Big Waves

MILTON, Vt. - Jan. 3, 2020 - Newsbreak-- When Danielle Nicole Enright set out to create her small jewelry business, she didn't intend to make big waves in the fine jewelry industry.  She states, "I was shopping for my husband's wedding band and I was stunned by how much money these fine jewelry items were being sold for in local and national chain stores. Then, I remembered that I have wholesale accounts for my artisan supplies through larger fine jewelry manufacturers. When I compared prices from my wholesaler of fine jewelry to the same exact pieces on the market, I realized that the markups are out of touch with what people, like myself, can afford for quality metals and gemstones. I realized that I could easily expand my business and touch more people's lives by offering these gorgeous quality pieces, along with my hand-crafted pieces for much less than what the market charges. It just seemed fair."

In fact, the markup on these pieces from big retailers would stun you. The jewelry industry has been keeping this markup a secret since the beginning of time and they would love to keep it that way. Why? Because the "luxury lifestyle" is so out of reach for most people and thus creates more demand from the big-spenders. However, Danielle is hoping to change that perception. Fine jewelry is much more attainable through her and her veteran-owned and woman-led business and it allows more people to attain beautiful pieces of jewelry, items that she hopes will allow everyone to feel better about their place in the world.


XO Abrau | A Blog by Danielle Nicole Enright | Owner & Designer







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