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Planning Your Perfect Surprise Proposal

You want to surprise her with the perfect proposal, but you also want her to LOVE her engagement ring forever. What do you do? Use these fool-proof tips to surprise your soon-to-be fiancée with the engagement ring of her dreams!

1. Pay attention to her style. Is she a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl or does she dress to impress everyday? If you’re not sure of her exact style, play it safe and stick to the classics. A halo-style engagement ring has a timeless appeal and is very popular right now. It’s also a way to get the look of a larger diamond, while sticking to your budget. The halo has a ring around the center diamond which frames the center stone, making her diamond look like a rock. Still not sure? Stick with a solitaire or a 3-stone engagement ring. If you don’t know her style, now’s not the time to experiment with anything too “different” looking. You simply cannot go wrong with a classic style.

2. Pay attention to the details. What jewelry does she wear on a day-to-day basis? Does she like to wear silver or gold? It never hurts to ask what her dream ring would look like, but if you want to completely surprise her, check out all of her other rings. This may require some creepy night-time sleuthing, but hey it’s for the greater good. Snooping may be the only way to confirm if she gravitates towards gold or silver (white gold or platinum). 

3. Discreetly measure her finger. This may be a tricky but necessary step in order to choose the perfect-sized ring. This process could be disastrous or comical depending on how deep of a sleep she’s in. You have been warned! While she’s sleeping like the angel she is, take a small strip of paper and wrap it around her ring finger. Mark the paper where the ends meet. Measure your marks. This will give you her ring size. Better yet, purchase a small plastic ring sizer and call it a day.

 4. When all else fails, take her ring shopping. Have her try on a wide selection of rings and get the exact size of her ring finger while she’s there. Pay attention to what styles she swoons over. Do you think she’ll know it’s coming if you do this? Maybe. But, don’t fret! Your real surprise moment will come in the form of the magnificent proposal and which ring you ultimately chose out of the many she tried on.

Don’t forget to take a mental note of the 4 c’s and come back and shop our selection after trying a bunch of rings on in the store. I’ll beat any price out there. That was a shameless marketing opportunity and I took it. 

XO Abrau | A Blog by Danielle Nicole Enright | Owner & Designer

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