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I Sent this Necklace to Drew Barrymore. Here's How.

"Life is very the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths." - Drew Barrymore

I design with intention and symbolism. Drew Barrymore epitomizes a strong beautiful and empowered woman. I'm sure her life has not been without struggle, but she has evolved into such an authentic and beautiful soul.

I could not have been more honored for this opportunity to gift her this necklace via The Artisan Group.

Her eccentricities and "quirks" are what make her the most unique, beautiful and endearing celebrity of our generation. I grew up watching her on E.T. and  now on The Drew Barrymore Show and her energy and spirit is like a ray of sunshine.

The gold that I used represents the color of sunshine and the aura that I see around her.  The moon is a feminine symbol that represents power and the circle represents timelessness. The faceted pyrite gemstones have healing properties and bring abundance, strength and encouragement to continue to follow her dreams.

I hope that she likes it and continues to spread peace, light, love and joy. 

Click here to view this necklace for purchase (limited quantity available).

Drew Barrymore Necklace

XO Abrau | A Blog by Danielle Nicole Enright | Owner & Designer

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