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Business is Booming for One small Vermont Business

Danielle Nicole Enright Owner of Abrau Jewelry | Milton, Vermont

Dec. 10, 2020 / PRZen / MILTON, Vt. -- Abrau Jewelry, a small online business owned by Danielle Nicole Enright of Milton, Vermont is still up and running during Covid-19 while other small businesses in her small state of Vermont and all over the nation are shutting their doors.

She states that her "secret" is three-fold: It's her knowledge of the Instagram algorithm, her competitive prices on fine jewelry, and perhaps most importantly, her one-on-one customer service. She states, "I connect with my customers, friends and fans on a very deep level. I tend to attract people to my Instagram page who have been in the same places that I've been. I share a lot of poetry and quotes that inspire others and my jewelry is filled with symbolism and I'm not shy about sharing the struggles I've been through in my own life. My jewelry business has always been more than tiny pieces of metal for me. My business is my saving grace. It has allowed me a voice and a platform to reach others. What keeps me going day after day is the people who have told me that I've inspired or have made a difference in their lives.  Abrau is my heart and my soul. I tie in music to everything that I do and I bless each piece that I create and perhaps that's what sets me apart from the big box stores: Heart."

In fact, Danielle has quadrupled her income since Covid-19 and she is only seeing growth in the near future, "I invest everything I make back into my business and I donate to charities.  I recently just invested in better, more upscale packaging, but I'm keeping all of the personal touches that I know my customers love. I will never slow down because the busier I am, the happier I am. My business is as much about healing myself as it is about healing my customers."

Danielle also states that she enjoys helping other friends and small businesses with the knowledge that she has about growing their own social media, "I grew extremely fast because I understand computers and algorithms." In fact, before jewelry-making, Danielle built websites and focused on SEO for companies for a living, so she may have an upper hand on e-commerce and social media growth. She states, "I'm a bit of a computer nerd.  I'm sure that my tech savviness has been a strength for my company." You may also want to remember her name because she's going places. Congratulations, Abrau Jewelry and Danielle Nicole Enright for surviving the pandemic and for continuing to help others the way that you do.

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