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How to Make Your Own Single Bead Decorative Head Pins

Have you ever been ready to make a product only to discover that you’re missing a simple, yet essential component to make it? Before you panic, rush-order more supplies or—worst case scenario—cancel your customer's order, just know that many of the components you're used to purchasing to create your products are actually very easy to make yourself, right at home. 

In this quick tutorial, I use just a few tools to create a Single Bead Decorative Head Pin. Please note: I didn’t have all of my usual soldering tools on hand (I.e. flux or pickling solution). Here’s what I used instead:

1. Sterling silver 18 gauge wire;

2. Pliers;

3. Soldering Block;

4. Torch;

5. Fine jeweler file (for oxidation removal);

6. Polishing cloth.

Fire Hazard Warning: This tutorial is for experienced jewelers. Do not try this at home unless you are an experienced jeweler and/or familiar with these tools. 

XO Abrau | A Blog by Danielle Nicole Enright | Owner & Designer



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