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A Story of Triumph

Thank you to all of the media and news outlets who shared this article about my business, Abrau Jewelry. I started this business when I lost almost everything in my life. It was not easy to do, but I was determined to redeem myself and change my life through positive action. After years of hard work, I created Abrau Jewelry and I'm so proud. My ultimate mission is to give others hope that they can also change their life. You can start today--right now--if you want to. 

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A Story of Triumph: One Vermont Woman is Making an Impact and Hollywood is Noticing

Danielle Nicole Enright of Abrau Jewelry is inspiring girls and women all over the world by making jewelry and sharing her struggles
Apr. 6, 2021 / PRZen / MILTON, Vt. -- Danielle Nicole Enright, Owner and Founder of  Abrau Jewelry is catching the eye of Hollywood and her jewelry is now worn on popular television shows.  Most recently, her jewelry was worn on Law and Order SVU and Law and Order's newest spinoff, Organized Crime.

Danielle started her business after suffering with anxiety and depression from losing her job in 2008 and she started making jewelry as a way to cope. Danielle states, "I was already selling my clothing and belongings on Ebay as a way to get by and when I started running out of clothing, I listed a leather wrap bracelet that I made. It sold within 24 hours and that's when I knew that I had something."

Abrau Jewelry is now a worldwide female empowerment brand. Danielle sells her handmade and curated jewelry all over the world and has appeared in fashion magazines and worn on TV and celebrities. However, it's what she does behind the scenes that is making the most impact and it's inspiring women all over the world. Danielle states, "It's important to me that I spread the message of hope, change, resilience and triumph through my work. I want other girls and women who are struggling to see me as an example of how you can overcome adversity and difficulties—that you can use your struggles to motivate and inspire you, rather than allow them to destroy you."

Danielle often shares her personal struggles and her past experiences on her Instagram page @abraujewelry and she mentors other girls and women on how they too can start a business of their own. She states, "I love seeing other women succeed. I love sharing business tips and ideas with them and I love inspiring teenagers to want to create their own businesses. I think it's important that outside of our relationships and children, that we have something that we're proud of--something that no one can take away from us. Many of these girls that I mentor don't have any support in their lives and I want to be that person that believes in them because sometimes that's all you need."

Danielle will be featured on WCAX Channel 3 Made in Vermont on April 12 at 6:00 pm and she was already featured on Sunday Morning News at 8am with Elissa Borden, which aired on Easter.

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